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Real Estate

Partner with Us and Newtown's Opus Elite Real Estate Team

You will have the support of both our team and Newtown's Opus Elite Real Estate Team.

Comprehensive Selling Strategies

Our expertise in selling properties, coupled with proven marketing strategies and deep market knowledge, ensures the best possible outcome for our clients.

Free Consultation Offer

We offer a free consultation to help potential clients understand our services and how we can meet their specific real estate needs.

In-Depth Current Market Analysis (CMA)

Our detailed CMA provides an in-depth overview of the current real estate market, helping clients make informed decisions about buying or selling.

Personalized Plan Development

We are committed to developing personalized plans for each client, ensuring their real estate and downsizing goals are met with a tailored strategy.

Up-to-Date Market Insights

We provide the latest insights and trends in the real estate market, empowering our clients to make well-informed decisions.

Support Throughout the Real Estate Journey

We support our clients at every step of their real estate journey, from the initial consultation to the final transaction.

Office Address:  16 S State St, Newtown, PA 18940

Office Phone Number:  (215) 395-6277

Goldentree & Opus Elite Real Estate

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