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Natural Ruby and diamond ring set in platinum
Gold Indian Head Coin 1910
Hermes belt buckle bracelet in its original hermes box
mens datejust rolex oyster perpetual two tone
Natural Royal Blue Sapphire





Step 1: Submit Your Item

  • Photo Submission: Start by taking clear, high-quality photos of your item from various angles. Ensure the images capture all the details and any unique features.

  • Provide a Description: Along with the photos, submit a detailed description of your item. Include its history, provenance, any certificates of authenticity, or other relevant information. The more comprehensive your description, the better we can assess your item.

Step 2: Review and Approval

  • Initial Assessment: Our team will review the photos and description you've provided to determine if your item is suitable for our auction.

  • Approval Notification: If your item meets our criteria, we will reach out to you with further instructions on how to send the item to us for physical inspection and authentication.​​

Step 3: Storage and Auction Preparation

  • Secure Storage: Your item will be securely stored until the auction.

  • Auction Listing: We'll create a comprehensive listing for your item, with professional photos and information you provided, enhanced with our professional touch.

Step 4: The Auction

  • Bidding Process: Your item will be presented in our auction, where interested buyers can place their bids.

  • Live Updates: We'll keep you informed about the bidding activity and the status of your item throughout the auction.

Step 5: Post-Auction Process

  • Sale and Shipping: After the sale, we take care of shipping the item to the winning bidder.

  • Payment: We send your payment within 30 days after the auction concludes. 

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