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Common Mistakes to Avoid when Preparing for an Estate Sale

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

These simple tips will help you improve your sale and maximize profits!

1. Listing the house for sale before planning an estate sale.

Preparing for an Estate Sale Mistakes can take weeks or up to a month depending on size, content and complexity of the sale. In today's real estate market, many houses are going under contract in a week or less. This will rarely leave enough time for an estate sale company, who is many times booked out in advance to prepare for a sale.

GoldenTree solves this problem by coordinating both your real estate listing and your estate sale! You get increased exposure, package services, and one team of professionals to facilitate all of your Estate needs.

2. Having your own garage sale or advertise items for sale prior to the Estate sale.

Estate sale buyers like 'fresh to the market' merchandise. If it seems like items have been shopped around prior to the estate sale, it will lessen your chance of drawing a large crowd of buyers and getting the best price for your items.

3. Throwing things away

What may seem like junk to you, may appeal to someone else. This doesn't apply to actual trash such as food wrappers or empty paper towel rolls, but you get the idea. Items such as partially used cleaning supplies, towels and other useful items, even if sold for $1.00 can add up.

4. Packing items you would like to sell into boxes

Take what you are keeping and leave the rest behind. If you pack away all the items that will be sold at the estate sale, the estate sale company will need to unpack everything just to display it back where it came from. This creates a lot of work for everyone and will be factored into the cost when hiring an estate sale company.

5. Unreasonable Expectations

You hired a professional company for a reason. Estate sale companies can make a lot of money for you in a short period of time and we use our expertise to find that pricing sweet spot. We want the best price too since we work on commission. Looking things up on websites like eBay and expecting to get those prices is unrealistic. Trust our knowledge and expertise to maximize your final profit!

6. Getting too involved in the sale process

We understand the desire for clients to help but the best help is making sure all of the items you are keeping are removed from the premises or sequestered in a locked room prior to our staff beginning set up. We also appreciate a clean environment, running water and electricity. Once we begin, we require clients to step aside and let us do our job. When you try to help or supervise, this slows our process down.

7. Taking items out of the sale after set up begins

Many hours of labor and research goes into planning and executing a successful estate sale. Once we begin set up, we ask that you do not remove items from the sale. When items are advertised for sale, our customers are expecting to see them at the sale. Since we work on commission, when an item we spent time researching, photographing and staging is removed, it hurts our bottom line.

8. Telling neighbors too far in advance about your sale.

While it might seem courteous to inform neighbors of your upcoming estate sale, many neighbors might take the opportunity to use your advertising to have their own garage sale. People might show up to their sale thinking it's your sale then never make it to yours.

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