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Mother Daughter Realty team at Bucks County Community College

About Us

Anne Goldenbaum

Bucks County, PA (28 Year Resident)BA, English (LaSalle University)Realtor, Keller Williams, Langhorne, PAFor as long as I can remember I have been interested and involved in the second-hand resale market.Since my early 20’s my free time on the weekends was mostly spent at estate sales, yard sales or auctionhouses. Friends and family would call on me to help sell an item or tell them if there was any value tosomething they recently purchased or inherited. I enjoyed helping family and friends run private estatesales and eventually sold other valuable items online on a commission basis. This part time ventureturned full time about 10 years ago when I started working for a company without an online presence. Iopened several eCommerce stores for the company and grew and managed the stores for almost adecade. When my daughter (and business partner) decided to become a licensed realtor we both beganto talk about combining our experience and started our business, GoldenTree Team LLC (Estate Salesand Real Estate Services).

Anne Goldenbaum from keller williams real estate
Morgan Goldenbaum from keller williams real estate langhorne

Morgan Goldenbaum

Bucks County, PA (Lifelong Resident)BS, Business (Delaware Valley University)Realtor, Keller William, Langhorne, PAHaving worked in the service industry in many capacities (bartender, barista, personal trainer) whilegoing to college, I learned the importance of taking that extra step for my customers. I have always hadan interest in Real Estate and Business and felt that getting a Real Estate license was a natural next stepafter college. Making any kind of move is a very important time in a person’s life, whether buying a firsthome, selling a family home with decades of history or investing in property to help build personalwealth. When my mom (and business partner) and I starting talking about how we could use ourcombined experience and expertise we decided to start our business, GoldenTree Team LLC (EstateSales and Real Estate Services).

Residential Apartment Building

Our Story

We are a family business with the intent of providing a one-stop, all-inclusive service to our customers. Using our combined passion and experience in the resale and liquidation business and as licensed
Realtors with Keller Williams, Langhorne, we can help you move through the process of downsizing, rightsizing or settling a family member's estate. Each family’s situation is different and we will listen to your needs and customize a plan tailored specifically for your individual goal. In today’s uncertain world where customer service is sometimes lacking, we strive to be punctual, communicative and committed to helping you every step of the way.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 215-310-8270

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